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Empowering Research, Innovation Ideas and Entrepreneurship Towards Sustainable Economy

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Platform for students to pitch their innovative ideas that are commercially viable and beneficial to the nation.

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About i-IDeA™ 2018

i-IDeA™ 2018 is a competition that highlights research products and promotes the culture of research and innovation not only among the local residents of UiTM Perlis but also among participants from local and foreign institutions of higher education. Previously known as Invention, Innovation, and Design (IID), this program is given a new breath with the inclusion of innovation competitions, conferences and outdoor competitions.

i-IDeA™ 2018 is also a link between institutions of lower and higher education, agencies and industries to share their products and creative ideas that can be commercialized.


i-IDeA™ 2018 Objectives

  • To showcase innovation, invention and designs which are produced and created by local and foreign academicians and non-academicians, agencise, students from lower to higher education.
  • To create a platform for research groups among local and foreign academician and non-academicians in commercializing their innovations and ideas.
  • To steer innovative culture through research and at the same time create research awareness among the experts particularly the UiTM Perlis community.
  • To realize and develop cooperation among participants in the commercialization of the ideas.
  • To produce and stimulate creative talents among potential innovators by organizing related activities during the program.

i-IDeA™ 2018 Events



ISTEC: Material Chemistry
ISTEC: Computer Science & Technology

Competition and Exhibition

Multimedia Innovation Competition
Ideal Festival
Aim and Attack

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